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Second graders in Ms. Sarah Bottinelli’s class created brown bag book reports.  The children selected chapter books, read them, and collected items relating to the elements  of the story.  They then decorated their bags and retold the stories, using their props, to their classmates. This new approach to the classic book report was fun for all! (posted with permission)

book bag

National Pet Week at Roberts

The second grade students at Roberts School are very excited to share that their 2015 service project focused on helping animals. In honor of National Pet Week, Roberts School collected many items to be donated to the Voorhees Animal Orphanage.

2nd Grade 2


Mrs. Asztalos class thinks spring!

Third graders at Roberts Elementary created a giant garden while learning about hard and soft g. The class tied their phonics to writing when they wrote stories with the theme of giant gardens. Each story is different and creative!

We also learned about life cycle stages in science. We wrote paragraphs about the life cycle of the butterfly using transition words and supporting details. We then illustrated the cycle using pasta!

2nd Graders Learn About Responsibility

Mrs. Furman’s  2nd grade class at Mary Roberts is studying a responsibility unit. The students read a story called Barnaby’s Bunny. In this story, Barnaby’s classmates had to take care of a pet egg to show their teacher they each could be responsible. The student created their own pet egg and are busy taking care of it for a week to experience the word “responsible”.  They hope they don’t break their egg.