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WAMS Musical

The cast and crew of Once Upon a Mattress are excited to welcome theater-goers to their upcoming performances! This group of hard-working students has been preparing since November for their big debut and is eager to share their talent and passion with the audience. For more information and a great spotlight on the students involved, please see this week’s Moorestown Sun!

MHS – Unified Basketball Team – “Something You Must Experience”

We received this wonderful correspondence concerning the Moorestown High School Unified Basketball Team from Lori Milam, MHS Athletic Department Secretary:

“Last night [1/25/2018], I had the opportunity to watch my first Unified Basketball game: MHS Unified Team v MHS JV Girls Team. It was an absolutely amazing event, which I believe every person should have the chance to experience.

‘Unified Sports’ joins people with and without disabilities on the same team. Dedicated to promoting social inclusion through shared sports training and competition experiences, it was inspired by a simple principle: training together and playing together is a quick path to friendship and understanding.

Being the Athletic Secretary, I’m constantly involved with sports. However, the Unified game that I watched last night was totally different than any other sporting event I’ve ever experienced. I’m not quite sure how to accurately describe it, but I’ll do my best. Think Harlem Globetrotters…without the fancy tricks.  The game was exciting and entertaining, coupled with synergy, partnership and togetherness. I did my best to hold back tears as I watched this beautiful display of courage, unity and alliance unfold on the basketball court in front of me.

It’s notable that although there were less than 50 people in the stands, the energy of the crowd was incredibly enthusiastic and electrifying. The loudness and excitement was similar to the energy that I’ve seen brought by the fans of a highly competitive playoff game. As the players scored points, the crowd went wild! Each time the ball went through the hoop, the players’ excitement radiated throughout the gym as the high fives were passed around, on and off the court. The encouragement and support by the  coaches and ‘partners’ on the team was remarkable. I could go on and on about every detail of the game that I enjoyed, but it’s something that you MUST experience for yourself.”

Since we received Lori’s message, the MHS Unified Basketball Team went on to host their first ever Moorestown Unified Basketball Challenge on Saturday, January 27, 2018 in the Isenberg Gym. The event was a great success…and those who attended will long remember the joyous excitement.

The next event for the MHS Unified Basketball Team will be a special one. They will take part in a basketball triple-header at Moorestown High School – along with the MHS Girls Varsity and Boys Varsity Basketball Teams. To be held in the Isenberg Gym on Thursday, February 8, 2018, the big night of basketball will feature:

  • 4:00pm – MHS Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Cinnaminson
  • 5:30pm – MHS Unified Basketball vs. Cinnaminson
  • 6:30pm – MHS Boys Varsity Basketball v. Delsea

We encourage everyone in the Moorestown Community to attend what plans to be a fantastic night of basketball. If you do, as Lori says, “…you can see for yourself what I’m talking about. I promise you won’t be disappointed.”


Fourth Grade students from the UES are writing messages to Super Bowl bound Eagles.  A banner will be sent to the Philadelphia Eagles with well wishes and words of praise.

Go Birds

Second Graders Learn About Some Amazing African Americans

Mrs. Furman’s second grade class is learning about some AMAZING African Americans. Each student has been given a different person to learn about. When the students are finished writing their report, they will be giving an oral presentation of their person to the class. As the other students are listening to the report, they will be writing down three important facts that they have learned about each amazing African American.

Furman 8 Furman 8b


Flat Stanley Around the World

Mrs. Furman’s 2nd grade reading class is reading the fictional story Flat Stanley. The students enjoyed finding out all of Stanley’s adventures of being flat. One of his adventures was going to visit his relatives. Since he was a flat boy, his parents sent him through the US mail.

To extend our reading lesson, the students made flat versions of themselves to mail to a relative or friend. This special person will take them around to their favorite places. Our class is traveling to Utah, Florida, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Germany, Maryland, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina, California, Slovakia, Poland and England!

The students can‘t wait to see the photographs and read all about “their” adventure.

Furman 10

Counting to 100

At Mary Roberts’ Elementary, Mrs. Furman’s second grade class is practicing counting hundreds in math to get ready for the 100th day of school. We counted 100 in groups of 10. We put 100 beans in our snowmen.

Furman 9


Baker teachers and paraprofessionals competed in the the first TEACHER vs. TEACHER games assembly. Staff donned elf, reindeer, gingerbread, and snow costumes. They participated in relay races to delight the Baker Bears on their last day of school before winter break.  Every team was a winner!

image0052 image2 image003 image002 image001-2


Baker School students had a wonderful Author Day with author/illustrator Paulette Bogan. Ms. Bogan delighted the students with her drawings, spirited readings of her books, and sense of humor. She also met Baker teachers at a special lunch and signed more than 260 books. Third grade students participated in a “Learn to Draw” lesson with her in which they all drew a penguin and a chicken. The Baker Bears had studied Ms. Bogan’s works in library class with Media Specialist Ann Ferruggia. We are grateful to Home and School for providing this assembly for us.


Kindness Snowman visits the UES

The Kindness Snowman visited room 14 at the UES throughout the month of December.  Each day, students were asked to perform acts of kindness. The culminating activity was to collect items for the Burlington County Animal Alliance.  Other activities that the students carried out each day included, classroom compliments, leaving candy canes on the cars in the parking lot, hot chocolate to our recess aides, playing with someone they have not played with at recess before, helping our custodians, Ross and Sam by cleaning up the outside of the school, delivering sharpened pencils to another class, painting positive messages on rocks and hiding them outside, thanking home and school by creating a hot chocolate bar for their meeting, hiding positive affirmations inside of library books for someone else to find, and making cards and mailing them to Cards for Hospitalized Kids. For the class holiday party, students will work on making small crafts/gifts that will be distributed Christmas morning at the Shriners Hospital.  Completing these activities, was a rewarding experience for all involved.

MHS – Casual for a Cause Impact

For years, the staff at Moorestown High School has been proudly fortunate to participate in one of its most impactful philanthropic efforts, Casual for a Cause. True to its name, staff members who donate at least $40 at the beginning of the year or to those who pay $5 each mid-marking period and marking period end date are able to dress casually on those dates. The monies donated are forwarded to a host of worthy causes.
Ms. Lisa Trapani, MHS World Languages teacher and MEA President, provides us with an update:
We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who participates in our Casual for a Cause program at the high school. We have made the following donations this year and we have three more pending:
1.  Donation of $400 worth of supplies to the tractor-trailer truck that delivered supplies to Florida at the end of September after Hurricane Irma.  Special thanks to MHS Head Custodian, Mr. Steve Allen, who helped me at Costco and with the delivery in Moorestown.
2.  Donation of $500 for the cost of equipment for the special needs students to Sheldon School in Houston, Texas.  These students lost all of their equipment for the Special Olympics. Special thanks to MTPS School Psychologist, Mrs. Anne LaMont, for making the contact, ordering the equipment and making sure that it arrived.
3.  Donation of $530 for the purchase of 50 scientific calculators to Mercy High School in Malawi, Africa. After ordering, one of the MHS Class of 2019 student officers personally delivered them. Special thanks to this gracious and committed student.
4.  Donation of $500 to Unite for HER, an organization that helps breast cancer survivors.  This donation is in honor of Elizabeth Walko Donohue, a 2005 graduate of MHS and daughter of our MHS School Nurse, Mrs. Lisa Walko.  This organization was very helpful to Elizabeth and her family.
Pending: We have donations pending to Puerto Rico, to honor former MHS Athletic Director, Mr. Neil Rosa and to Jeans for Veterans.
A big thank you to MHS World Languages teacher, Mrs. Valerie Oswald-Love, for organizing our Casual for a Cause efforts, and to the staff of Moorestown High School for being generous all year long.