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MHS – “Relay for Life” Awe-Inspiring

On June 5, 2015, Moorestown High School hosted the first Moorestown “Relay for Life” in and around the MHS Stadium. Sponsored by the American Cancer Society, the “Relay for Life” brought our community together to help raise money for, and increase awareness about, the fight against cancer. Mr. Jason Hicks, MHS Special Education teacher and Relay for Life club advisor, offered these words of thanks to all who participated:

“We would like to thank the Moorestown community for joining ‘Relay For Life’ and the American Cancer Society for their support in Moorestown’s first relay event. This was a fantastic, awe-inspiring event that honored loved ones lost, survivors, people who are fighting cancer and their families. Our goal was to raise $15,000, but due to the generous nature of this community, town council, and businesses we have surpassed our goal and now have raised more than $30,000. We thank you all again and let’s make next year’s ‘Relay’ historical!”

We offer our thanks and congratulations to Mr. Hicks and to all the students, staff and community members who made this awe-inspiring event possible…and so very successful.

MHS – Classroom Close-up Appearance

(Updated Post) Mr. Lewis Lazarow, English teacher at Moorestown High School, filmed a segment for NJEA’s Classroom Close-up on October 30, 2014 with his War and the Fantastic class, modeling a poetry lesson.

Mr. Lazarow has been the high school’s student coordinator for the Dodge Poetry Festival’s Student Day for a number of years. He attended the recent  Festival Teacher Day on September 23 and met with Classroom Close-up showrunner, Rich Renner. Classroom Close-up wished to identify a small group of teachers to interview and, with which, craft a television segment showing the outstanding professional development opportunities Dodge offers to teachers…teachers who will bring contemporary poetry into the classroom.

On Friday, October 24, Mr. Lazarow and MHS English Department colleagues Ms. Paige Morgan, Mr.  John Lloyd, and Ms. Perri Geller-Clark accompanied 23 Moorestown High School students to the Student Day of the Geraldine Dodge Poetry Festival. Held at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, NJ, over 4000 students from the tri-state area and beyond were in attendance…all experiencing the power of poetry.

On October 30, Renner and his crew brought their cameras into Mr. Lazarow’s classroom to capture an actual poetry-based lesson inspired by the Dodge experience. The finished segment will air on Sunday, December 28, 2014 at 7:30AM on NJTV, “Poetry for Teachers.”

Click Here to watch:,AAAAj36EGjE~,w53r2XdUtII0XxxdqYeLp1bOxUXrsIg0&bctid=3957140426001



MHS – Aeronautics Students Take Flight

Mr. Anthony Mark, Moorestown High School Science educator and advisor of the MHS Aeronautics Club, shared with us some fantastic news concerning two of his students:

MHS Senior Gunther Tornberg, the president of the MHS Aeronautics Club,  recently completed his rotary wing (helicopter) private pilot’s training and has earned his private pilot’s license. As a member of the MHS Aeronautics Club, Gunther was inspired to go beyond simply flying model radio-controlled aircraft and learn to fly the real thing.

Aeronautics Club vice president, MHS Senior Patrick Verdon, was similarly inspired and will soon be joining Gunther in flight. An MHS Aeronautics Club member since his freshman year, Patrick is close to completing his fixed-wing private pilot’s training.

We offer our congratulations and kudos to Gunther and Patrick…and wish them safe travels and limitless journeys through the friendly skies.

Attached Image: MHS student Gunther Tornberg and his new “ride.”  (posted with permission)



MHS – Moorestown Athletics Ranked Among the Best

WAMS educator and MHS coach, Mr. William Mulvihill, shared with us the continued good news concerning the Moorestown High School athletics program:

The 2015 Niche Rankings for Best Sports Programs for Public High Schools has ranked Moorestown among the state’s best. In addition to data from the US Department of Education, the 2015 Niche Rankings utilize “athletic statistics and more than 745,000 opinions on sports from 250,000 students and parents” to identify the best high school sports programs.

In the Best Sports – Public High Schools in the Philadelphia Metro Areacategory, the Moorestown High School athletics program was ranked 8th in the area…the highest ranking for a South Jersey school.

In the Best Sports – Public High Schools in New Jersey category, the Moorestown High School athletics program was ranked 14th in the state.

According to the Niche website, “[a] high ranking indicates that athletics play a significant, positive role in student life, students actively participate in intervarsity sports, and the administration is invested in its student athletes.”

This is yet another accolade testifying to the hard work and dedication of our fine student athletes and their coaches…and to the educational community that supports them.

The 2015 Niche Rankings are available at: