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Mary E. Roberts Elementary School

South Valley Elementary School

George C. Baker Elementary School


Mrs. Asztalos class thinks spring!

Third graders at Roberts Elementary created a giant garden while learning about hard and soft g. The class tied their phonics to writing when they wrote stories with the theme of giant gardens. Each story is different and creative!

We also learned about life cycle stages in science. We wrote paragraphs about the life cycle of the butterfly using transition words and supporting details. We then illustrated the cycle using pasta!

2nd Graders Learn About Responsibility

Mrs. Furman’s  2nd grade class at Mary Roberts is studying a responsibility unit. The students read a story called Barnaby’s Bunny. In this story, Barnaby’s classmates had to take care of a pet egg to show their teacher they each could be responsible. The student created their own pet egg and are busy taking care of it for a week to experience the word “responsible”.  They hope they don’t break their egg.



During half time at the Harlem Wizard’s Game on March 28th, nine members of the MEA took center court to perform as the 2015 Quaker Shakers.  These members included Jinnie Anstice, Michelle Bachman, Eieen Buniva, Laura Dishong, Dianne Harris, Maureen Ioannucci, Erin Kitley, Erica Lamancusa, and Patricia Lochbihler.  The squad practiced very hard in the weeks leading up to the game to learn and execute the dance.  All members enjoyed cheering on the Moorestown Magic!


Baker Wears Blue on April 2

Baker Bears marked World Autism Awareness Day  on April 2 by wearing the color blue.  Children also colored puzzle pieces and created hashtags to go along with them.  Students in Mrs. Fi Jazi’s class and Mrs. Janey Kang’s SMILE program  made a huge display of blue colored hands in the shape of a light bulb to   ” light it up blue for autism.”  Other Baker students and staff members contributed their hand prints as well. Mrs. Kelly Yaris put together a display of information on the topic in the Media Center. The display will remain up for all of April to highlight Autism Awareness month.