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Mary E. Roberts Elementary School

South Valley Elementary School

George C. Baker Elementary School


Pumpkin Math

Students in Mrs. Furman’s second grade class at Mary Robert’s Elementary completed hands-on pumpkin math activities. The students were asked to work in two groups to predict, count, weigh, compare by subtracting, make groups of ten, solve math word problems, and measure pumpkins.

Young Scientists at Roberts

Miss Anderson’s first grade students at Mary E. Roberts Elementary have been busy scientists! The students had up close and personal experiences with a baby box turtle and baby red eared sliding turtles. The students spent time making scientific observations of each type of turtle, using research to create Venn diagrams comparing the two, and brought their weeks of research to a close by releasing the NJ native box turtle to Strawbridge Lake.


Loving Literature

In Mrs. Powell’s third grade class at Mary Roberts Elementary the students are reading No Flying in the House.  This story has captivated the class!   The boys and girls are enjoying the plot line, while they try to make sense of the mysterious cat and the strange happenings in Mrs. Vancourt’s house.  The students will soon pick their favorite character and then they will do a character study.

Powell Literature

Third Graders Learn the Parts of a Plant

In Science, third graders at Mary Roberts Elementary have been learning about the main parts of a plant.  In Mrs. Powell’s class the students have investigated different types of roots, seeds, leaves and stems.  For example, to better understand the parts of seeds, the students cut open soaked lima beans.  The children were able to investigate and identify the different parts of a seed!