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Baker STEM Challenge

The STEM challenge in Mary Jean Klatte’s first-grade class at Baker was to “Build a Tower” using only cups, craft sticks, and cubes. The towers that were built were the result of figuring out through trial and error that a wide base made a sturdier structure!  The children worked in teams and learned that the “S” in STEM also stands for sharing.


UES Lends a Helping Hand

The staff of Moorestown Upper Elementary School recently helped send a fire ladder truck and a shipping container full of firefighting equipment to a fire station in need in the Dominican Republic!

Los Bomberos de San Juan de la Maguanas is the main fire station in the southern part of the Dominican Republic. The fire station was established in the 1950s by Juan Andres Namnun, the father-in-law of UES teacher, Michelle Buckelew Namnun. Upon returning Mr. Namnun’s ashes to his hometown this summer, the Namnun family discovered that the volunteer fire company’s 45-year-old fire truck was in disrepair and that the station was in desperate need of functioning fire equipment to keep their community safe.

As a result, the Namnun family made it their mission this fall to send a fire ladder truck and equipment to the station. With the help of the UES teachers, a GoFundMe page, and Moorestown residents at Moorestown Day, the Namnun family purchased a fire ladder truck from West Cape May. The ladder truck was shipped to the Dominican Republic at the beginning of December and is currently clearing customs at the port in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The fire truck should be on its way to its new home, Los Bomberos de San Juan de la Maguanas, by the end of 2018.

Additionally, Lenola and Moorestown Fire Stations and other stations in NJ, PA, and Ohio donated fire equipment to the Namnun family’s mission. The donated fire equipment was recently packed onto 8 skids and filled a 1,280 cubic feet shipping container. The shipping container is scheduled to arrive in the Dominican Republic at the end of 2018. Los Bomberos de San Juan de la Maguanas will keep the fire equipment they need and will distribute the rest to other fire stations on the island.

With the help of the UES staff and many Moorestown residents, the fire station started by Michelle Buckelew Namnun’s father-in-law can now continue to keep its community safe.




Baker’s Third Grade  Chorus put on a magnificent concert! The 84 member chorus opened with a song entitled “Holiday Lights” in which the house lights were down and the children used colored flashlights to create special effects. The singing and the light show really kicked off the concert in a spectacular way. Other songs included “The Spirit of Hanukkah,” “A Still, Silent Night,” and the humorous “Born to Shop.” The show’s finale was a delightful compilation medley called “Rudolph, Frosty, and Suzy.” The song ended with a snowstorm created by the confetti cannons that were hidden on the stage behind the chorus. The chorus is directed by Music teacher Kristen Dzuranin. Mrs. Dzuranin is assisted by paraprofessionals Angela Reid and Carmela Roustas. Chorus members give up their recess time to attend practice sessions. All agreed that this concert was one of the best ever!



During their Winter Party, Baker students in Mrs. Cicely Fegley’s third grade completed two activities that focused on being charitable to others. Students brought in supplies that would be useful to someone who is homeless (toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand warmers, gloves, etc.). They decorated bags and then filled the bags with the donations. Next, the children made stuffed animals (Build-A-Bear style) that would later be donated to the Ronald McDonald House. The students also decorated t-shirts for the animals to wear and created birth certificates.  These third graders had fun and learned the true meaning of giving. Mrs. Fegley is assisted by paraprofessional Mrs. Jennifer Payne.

Third Grade Uses Google Apps

Third graders in Mrs. Nixon’s class are using Google Drawings to create individualized study guides. Students are using their notes along with the internet to personalize their learning for science. Mrs. Nixon is assisted by paraprofessional Angela Reid.

Fast Changes

Baker Author Day

Baker students enjoyed meeting nonfiction author and New Jersey native Linda Bozzo. Ms. Bozzo has written 42 informational books about dogs and working dogs for young readers. She taught the children how she researches before she writes a book and showed the steps involved from manuscript to finished product. The children were very excited to meet Linda after having studied her books in library class with media specialist Ann Ferruggia.  Linda shared lunch with Baker teachers and autographed about 150 books. She enjoyed the large bulletin board display that the children created depicting, of course, dogs! We thank Home and School for making this special program for our students possible.


Being Thankful at Thanksgiving

Mrs. Furman’s second-grade class is busy learning about Thanksgiving. They created a turkey by listening to step by step directions. The students were asked to think about what THEY were thankful for this Thanksgiving. They wrote all about their ideas and shared them with the class.


Holiday/Winter Wreaths

Mrs. Furman’s second-grade class is reading stories about December being a time for giving. The students have made holiday/winter wreath to give to their parents. Each ribbon stands for a “thank you” for the MANY things they have done for them this year. Many of the wreaths have over 100 tied ribbons on them! That is A LOT of thank yous!!


Halloween Spirit at Baker

Baker teachers and paraprofessionals delighted their students with creative Halloween costumes. Special education teacher Kelly Yaris and paras Liz Rutkin, Melissa Meyer, Aly Miraglia, Christy Wantrobski, and Giustine Petrilli were a butterfly and Five  Speckled Frogs. Third-grade teachers Kathy Nixon, Cicely Fegley, and Kristin Kowalczyk joined paras Angela Reid, Jennifer Payne, and Carmela Roustas as a Coke six pack. Teachers Emily Olsen, Katie  Paetzold, and Syreeta Lee made it a family affair by bringing their adorable babies to join the fun. The “ Incredibles,” otherwise known as Baker’s resource room, speech, and reading/ math support teachers, were on hand for Halloween. Pictured are Erin Kitley, Debbie Kitley, Talia Custer, Beth Lefferts, and Chris Nolan.IMG_0732

IMG_0729 IMG_0730 IMG_0731

Pumpkin Math

Students in Mrs. Furman’s second-grade class competed many hands-on pumpkin math activities. The students were asked to work in two groups to predict, count, weigh, compare by subtracting, make groups of ten, solve math word problems and measure pumpkins. We even learned that a 250-pound pumpkin will FLOAT!!