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Moorestown High School

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MHS – MHS Alum Meets with Art Students

Moorestown High School Art Department students were given a wonderful opportunity to meet with Sean Allen – the artist commissioned to create an augmented reality mural over this past summer in our high school. Several presentation and Q & A sessions took place yesterday – given by Mr. Allen and two of his colleagues in the visual arts and augmented reality/virtual reality fields – explaining how art, technology, math, science and communication skills were all utilized through the design process and completion of the artwork.

Sean Allen is a Mooretown High school alum and graduate of Carnegie Mellon University – working as a Business Strategy Analyst for Citizens Bank in New York City. Mr. Allen is also a creative (@ayecrtv) visual artist in his free time. Now living in Brooklyn, NY, he travels and works in multiple mediums, subjects, and sizes. From spray-painted, abstract/geometric murals with augmented reality capabilities to animated digital illustrations and oil painting portraits on canvas, Mr. Allen has been commissioned to create art throughout the United States. His aYe collection can now be viewed via

Halloween fun at Baker

Halloween fun at Baker! Baker paraprofessionals and teachers show their Halloween spirit and creativity.

IMG8571 IMG8581 IMG8583 IMG8586

Pumpkin Book Reports

At Roberts Elementary, Mrs. Asztalos’ and Mrs. Furman’s second-grade classes created pumpkin book reports. Each student was asked to select their favorite book. Next, the students had to discuss their characters in a story. They each picked one character and created the character on a small pumpkin. Last, the students filled out the book report form that asked them to describe their character and also give their opinion of their book character. It was AMAZING how proud the students were when they presented their pumpkin reports to their classmates. The pumpkins are displayed in the library.

Good News pumpkin book report

Candy for US Troops

Mrs. Furman’s class wanted to thank the US troops by writing thank you letters and donating 27 bags of Halloween candy to them. We hope they like it!

Pumpkin Math Activities

Students in Mrs. Furman’s second-grade class competed for many hands-on pumpkin math activities. The students were asked to work in two groups to predict, count, weigh, compare by subtracting, make groups of ten, solve math word problems and measure pumpkins. We even learned that a 250-pound pumpkin will FLOAT!!


Looking for Leaves in 2nd Grade

At Mary E. Roberts, Mrs. Furman’s 2nd graders are learning about the similarities and differences between kinds of plants in science.  The class went outside searching for two leaves that look exactly alike. The students were asked to be creative and design two exact objects/animals using those leaves.



Twin Dogs in 2nd Grade

Mrs. Furman’s 2nd-grade class is working hard learning multiple meaning words. Our class read a story called Dogs. Each child selected a word that was spelled the same but had a different meaning (Example: Duck and Duck) to create a twin dogs project.


Fire Prevention at Roberts

Mrs. Furman’s class learned about fire prevention during Fire Prevention Week. Students read books to help them understand how to be safe in a fire. They also learned how to prevent a fire. Each student was asked to create a Fire Escape Plan with their family at home.


GOOD NEWS - fire prevention

Baseball Day at Roberts

Mrs. Furman’s second-grade class celebrated Baseball/Softball Day. The students were asked to come to school dressed in their favorite baseball/softball team. Our class read a story called Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat. Students learned that there is more to being on a team than just being a great player. Students learned about the history of baseball. They couldn’t believe that baseball players use to use their bare hand to catch a ball! Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson were a BIG hit during our lessons. Our class answered comprehension questions while they watched the movie Everyone’s Hero. We finished out our day with a game of whiffle ball outside.

012 IMG_5291 IMG_2319

2019 2nd grade Service Project

The second grade at Roberts School are very excited to share that their 2019 service project focused on helping animals. In honor of National Pet Week, Roberts School collected many items to be donated to the Voorhees Animal Orphanage. Thank you Roberts families for making it a HUGE success!