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MHS – Princeton Model Congress

Over 25 Moorestown High School students made the journey this past weekend (November 17-20, 2016) to participate in the prestigious Princeton Model Congress. Held in Washington, D.C., the Princeton Model Congress is the oldest model congress in America; affording high school students the “…opportunity to simulate the experience of serving in Congress, sitting on the bench as a Supreme Court Justice, counseling our Commander in Chief as a member of the Presidential Cabinet or covering the Federal Government in print as a part of the Press Corp.” Under the supervision of advisor and Social Studies teacher, Mr. Patrick Mooney, seven of these MHS students received well-earned awards – including a gavel and six honorable mentions. Congratulations and well-done to our future congressional leaders!

Being Thankful

At Mary Roberts’ Elementary School, Mrs. Furman’s second grade class is busy learning about Thanksgiving. They created a turkey by listening to step by step directions. The students were asked to think about what THEY were thankful for this Thanksgiving. They wrote all about their ideas and shared them with the class.

furman-4 furman-4b


Students in Erin Kitley’s class at Baker regularly use LEGO bricks to help them learn math concepts. These manipulatives build skills and make learning fun!



Students in Hannah Guida’s first grade at Baker completed a unit all about pumpkins. They illustrated their own books based on Jean Titherington’s story Pumpkin, Pumpkin. The class also sequenced the growth cycle of the pumpkin and learned pumpkin poems. The culminating activity was carving pumpkins according to class voting as to what the features should be.


Pumpkin Math

Students in Mrs. Furman’s second grade class at Mary Roberts’ completed hands-on pumpkin math activities. The students were asked to work in two groups to predict, count, weigh, compare by subtracting, make groups of ten, solve math word problems and measure pumpkins. We even learned that a 250 pound pumpkin will FLOAT!!

furman-3 furman-3b


Pumpkin Book Reports

At Mary Roberts’ Elementary, Mrs. Asztalos and Mrs. Furman’s second grade classes created pumpkin book reports. Each student was asked to select their favorite book. Next, the students had to discuss their characters in their story. They each picked one character and created the character on a small pumpkin. Last, the students filled out the book report form that asked them to describe their character and also give their opinion of their book character. It was AMAZING how proud the students were when they presented their pumpkin reports to their classmates. The pumpkins are displayed around the school.




Students in Mrs. Liz Hagan’s kindergarten at Baker had fun learning with Lego bricks. They each constructed the first letter of their name on a baseplate. The baseplates were then displayed on the Lego Wall located in the Baker Media Center. Media Specialist Ann Ferruggia received funds to create the wall after her grant proposal was accepted by the  Moorestown Education Foundation. There are hundreds of educational applications for the use of Lego bricks.



On Fridays in October, Baker teachers and paraprofessionals are wearing pink in honor of breast cancer awareness. The staff is also donating money to the cause in hopes of finding a cure for this devastating disease.



Mrs. Yaris’ class at Baker School has been very busy learning about fall. They investigated   seasonal activities and items, such as apples and pumpkins.  They identified colors, shapes, textures, tastes, and patterns and then graphed their preferences. The children also labeled the parts of each fruit and  learned about the life cycles of each. Students practiced using core vocabulary on their AAC devices (ie: in, out, on) and used language to label, request, and describe their experiences.  The unit culminated with the  baking of  apple and pumpkin pies! What a fun way to use fine-motor and sequencing skills! Room 5 is definitely ready for fall after this instructional unit.


2nd Graders at Roberts

Mrs. Furman’s 2nd grade class at Roberts was very excited to share about themselves to Roberts School. The students illustrated  a picture of themselves following step by step directions.  The class was introduced to paragraph writing. They wrote a paragraph about themselves and one about advice they would give to the 1st graders.