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A Book Study at Roberts

At Mary Roberts’ Elementary, Mrs. Furman’s second grade class is learning about Helen Keller. Through numerous books and the movie The Miracle Worker, the students are learning how she overcame many obstacles in life. They also admire how Anne Sullivan, Helen’s teacher, never gave up when times were tough.  Our class is learning to use sign language to learn to spell the high frequency words. The students learned many valuable lessons from this book study.

Furman 11

Kindergarten Spreads Smiles

Baker kindergarteners  took time out of their valentine parties to make “old-fashioned” valentines for residents of local nursing homes.  The children in all four classes made and decorated heart-shaped cards on which they wrote, “We hope this card makes you smile.”  The cards were then delivered to the residents. The residents  were very touched and delighted to receive these beautiful cards and the children learned a wonderful lesson on caring. The kindergarten team is composed of Syreeta Lee, Sharon Kulik, Susan Kuzy, and Liz Hagan.


WAMS Math Team Places First

WAMS math team placed first at the annual Math Counts competition held in Toms River on Saturday February 4, 2017. Each year WAMS competes in the annual competition against ten schools with approximately 80 students from Ocean and Burlington county. The competition consists of a 30 question sprint test, an eight question problem solving test and a ten question team test. In addition to the WAMS team placing first, all ten students from WAMS placed in the top fifteen individually, with six placing in the top ten and WAMS students finishing first, second and third. Way to go WAMS math team! The next stop for the math team will be the state competition on March 11, 2017 at Rutgers University.

MHS – Another Successful Model UN Conference

MHS Social Studies teacher and MooMUN (MHS Model United Nations) Advisor, Dr. Fred Bjornstad, shares with us a wrap-up of the wildly successful proceedings of the recent Model UN conference:

The fourteenth annual Moorestown Model United Nations Conference was held at Moorestown High School on Saturday, February 4th, 2017.  Approximately 220 student delegates from high schools throughout New Jersey debated and negotiated topics from food accessibility, free trade and the disputed South China Sea. MooMUN members began organizing the event in the fall and their attention to every last detail made the day a great success.  Two senior members of MooMUN were the secretaries-general of the conference, who oversaw the selection of topics, negotiated with caterers and took care of innumerable other issues.  A Junior member of MooMUN led the Crisis Committee, which created and filmed crises that enlivened the nine conference committees.  Those committees were chaired by nine talented MooMUN members. In addition to running a great conference, MHS delegates also picked up numerous awards – with ten student delegates winning committee awards. If you see any of these students, give them a pat on the back.  They deserve it.”

Amazing African Americans

Mrs. Furman’s second grade class at Roberts’ is learning about some AMAZING African Americans. Each student has been given a different person to learn about. When the students are finished writing their report, they will be giving an oral presentation of their person to the class. As the other students are listening to the report, they will be writing down three important facts that they have learned about each amazing African American.

Furman 10 a Furman 10 b


The Adventures of 3rd Grade

Mrs. Furman’s 2nd grade reading class at Mary Roberts’ Elementary is reading the fictional story Flat Stanley. The students enjoyed finding out all of Stanley’s adventures of being flat. One of his adventures was going to visit his relatives. Since he was a flat boy, his parents sent him through the US mail.

To extend our reading lesson, the students made flat versions of themselves to mail to a relative or friend. This special person will take them around to their favorite places. Our class is traveling to Canada, Illinois, Florida, Nevada, China, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Maryland, Brazil, Israel, California, Australia, and Oregon.

The students can‘t wait to see the photographs and read all about “their” adventure.

Furman 8

MHS – Mock Trial County Champs Move on to Regionals


The budding legal team of Mock Trial students from Moorestown High School is moving on to bigger and more challenging cases! The MHS Mock Trial Team, guided by their advisor and MHS Social Studies teacher Mr. Andrew Forshay, competes in the Vincent J. Apruzzese Mock Trial Competition. This statewide competition – sponsored by the New Jersey State Bar Foundation – states as its goals:

  • To increase comprehension of the historical, ethical and philosophical basis of the American system of justice.
  • To demystify the operation of the law, court procedures and the legal system.
  • To help students increase basic life and leadership skills such as listening, speaking, writing, reading and analyzing.
  • To heighten appreciation for academic studies and promote positive scholastic achievements.
  • To bring law to life for students through active preparation for and participation in the competitions.

The MHS legal eagles went 4-0 to win this year’s Mock Trial competitions for Burlington County. The team now moves on to the Regional competitions, to be held next week at the New Jersey Law Center in New Brunswick, NJ. Mr. Forshay is very proud of these Mock Trial students and looks forward to experiencing the rigors of regional completion with them. He also expressed his gratitude to the MHS faculty, sharing, “Their success is due in no small part to your tireless efforts and encouragement on their behalf.”

Wind and Erosion

At Mary Roberts’, Mrs. Furman’s second grade class had so much fun learning about wind erosion. The students created a “mountain” out of sand. Each student used a straw to blow gently one time to see the slow change to their mountain. Then came the BEST part. The students were asked to blow 10 or more times at the “mountain”. The “wind” from their straws clearly showed the students what high forces of wind do to a mountain. Wind erosion was clearly understood after this experiment.

Furman 8

MHS – MoorArts Gala Excitement

Excitement abounds for the upcoming MoorArts Gala, as MHS students and staff will be taking part in this celebrated performing and fine arts event. MHS Social Studies teacher and MHS Theater Director, Mr. Greg Harr, will be performing on the cabaret stage. In the fine arts gallery, a host of artwork created by MHS Fine Arts students – selected in collaboration with MHS Fine Arts teacher, Ms. Toni Paparone – will be on display.

For more information, please see this article posted on the Moorestown Patch. click here

MoorArts Gala

January 28, 2017

7:30pm – 10:30pm

Moorestown Community House

MHS – Visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art

On Wednesday, January 11, 2017, Moorestown High School AP Art History students – supervised by their teacher, Mrs. Julia Mooney –  visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Students enjoyed a tour that featured key pieces from the curriculum, including work by Brancusi, Cezanne, Van Eyck, Rubens and more.  The group enjoyed absorbing insights from some of the museum’s most talented educators.  They wrapped up the day by taking on the role of exhibition curators to engage in a lively debate over whether Duchamp’s “Fountain” was really art at all.