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On Fridays in October, Baker teachers and paraprofessionals are wearing pink in honor of breast cancer awareness. The staff is also donating money to the cause in hopes of finding a cure for this devastating disease.



Mrs. Yaris’ class at Baker School has been very busy learning about fall. They investigated   seasonal activities and items, such as apples and pumpkins.  They identified colors, shapes, textures, tastes, and patterns and then graphed their preferences. The children also labeled the parts of each fruit and  learned about the life cycles of each. Students practiced using core vocabulary on their AAC devices (ie: in, out, on) and used language to label, request, and describe their experiences.  The unit culminated with the  baking of  apple and pumpkin pies! What a fun way to use fine-motor and sequencing skills! Room 5 is definitely ready for fall after this instructional unit.


2nd Graders at Roberts

Mrs. Furman’s 2nd grade class at Roberts was very excited to share about themselves to Roberts School. The students illustrated  a picture of themselves following step by step directions.  The class was introduced to paragraph writing. They wrote a paragraph about themselves and one about advice they would give to the 1st graders.



MHS – Senior Soloist Transports Us to a Unique World

Already an accomplished flutist and pianist, Moorestown High School senior, Jiongnan Liu, is on yet another musical journey. Ms. Liu is developing her skills on one of the most exotic and enchanting of instruments, the Guzheng or Chinese Zither. These skills were recently on display at MHS as Joingnan offered two recitals/discussions for students of the high school band, orchestra, AP Music Theory class and other captivated students and staff.

In these sessions, sponsored by MHS Band Director Mr. Christopher Norris, all attendees were indeed transported to a unique world. Ms. Liu discussed the origins and construction of the Guzheng as well as its traditional and still-heralded place in Chinese culture. As this was a recital/discussion for fellow musicians, she also reviewed the Guzheng’s musical scale structure and tunings, the notation method used in sheet music and the various techniques utilized in playing the instrument. Jiongnan then performed a musical piece on which she has been working, the beautiful and powerful “Spring on Lhasa.”

We thank Joingnan for sharing this special gift of music and culture with our students and staff…and we wish her continued success in all her academic and musical journeys ahead.

To see a video of Joingnan performing with her group, the Yang Yi Guzheng Ensemble, please visit:





MHS – A Very Special Senior Recital

Moorestown High School senior, Matthew Eng, has graced the performance spaces of Moorestown Township Public Schools many times over the years…performing with abundant talent a host of musical instruments. Matthew’s final MTPS performance, his senior piano recital, was presented on the auditorium stage of the William Allen Middle School on June 12th…and a very special senior recital it was.

Mr. Eng wowed the crowd of family, friends, fellow students, MTPS faculty and community members by performing challenging piano selections penned by master composers – Beethoven, Scriabin, Schumann, Shostakovich and Chopin. The recital, graciously organized by MHS Band Director, Mr. Christopher Norris, was for Matthew both a touching farewell and a wonderful warm-up. He will be missing the MHS Commencement Ceremony on June 22nd so that he can compete in the prestigious Gina Bachauer International Young Artists Piano Competition in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We thank and congratulate Matthew on his astounding recital performance…wish him well in his upcoming piano competition…and offer our confidence of continued success in his ongoing academic and musical studies.

ME201 ME202

MHS – Anatomy Experiences Like No Other

Look around Moorestown High School on any day at any time…and you will see students engaged in classes that challenge the mind and excite the senses. One shining example is the Honors Anatomy and Physiology class, masterfully offered by MHS Science Teacher, Mrs. Erin Todd.

Recently, the Moorestown Patch highlighted the tremendous learning opportunities and unique hands-on experiences Mrs. Todd brings to her students. As we salute Mrs. Todd and her students for their inspired and inspiring efforts, we share this article from the Moorestown Patch with you:

The Patchwork Quilt

Mrs. Furman’s 2nd grade class at Roberts Elementary read a book study called The Patchwork Quilt. The story is about a little girl’s grandmother who is making a special quilt with pieces of clothes from the whole family. But when her grandmother gets sick, she was determined to finish the quilt by herself. Each child in our class made a pillow to be able to take home and to help them remember this wonderful story.

Furman Quilts

Was the Big, Bad Wolf guilty?

In Miss Ferguson’s Social Studies classes the students have been discussing Law Day, the Miranda Rights, and the Court system. After learning what the Miranda Rights are the students designed and executed a poster relating to this year’s Law Day theme, Miranda More Than Words. The students voted on the poster which best exemplified the theme and had the best creativity. Two winners were selected, one from Miss Ferguson’s class and one from Mrs. Memmo’s class.

The classes read two versions of the Three Little Pigs; The Three Little Pigs and The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. The students compared and contrasted the main character in each story, the wolf. Based on what they learned about the Miranda Rights and the legal system the students worked on a mock trial based on the True Story of the Three Little Pigs. They rehearsed their lines and brought in props to really get “into character.” Both classes took a vote on whether they thought Alexander T. Wolf was guilty or not guilty. The verdict was not guilty.

During the Law Day unit a student’s father, who is a lawyer, reached out about coming in to speak to the class. Mr. Coughlin, a civil lawyer, explained what it is like being a lawyer, what the jury’s duties are, the legal system, and the Miranda Rights. The students performed their mock trial for Mr. Coughlin, Mrs. Memmo, Ms. Korn, Ms. V, and Miss Ferguson. They were able to ask Mr. Coughlin questions. It was a great learning experience for all!

UES Earth Day Cleanup

The students in Mrs. Wiggans, Mrs. Kelbaugh and Mr. Trauger’s classes participated in their Annual Earth Day Cleanup here at the UES. On Friday, April 22nd all of the students in our classes combed the entire grounds of the UES gathering trash and recyclables. This is our 7th year tackling this necessary project which reminds our students that we need to, “Think Globally, but Act Locally!”


The Baker first graders continued a long-time school tradition by performing  a concert for Mother’s Day.  Under the direction of music specialist Kristin Dzuranin, the children performed songs and a poem in honor of their moms. Some of the songs included “A Song of Thanks and Love,” “You Are My Sunshine,”  and “Mom, You’re the Best.” A showstopper was the adorable “Mother Gooney Bird, “ complete with difficult choreography. The show ended with the Barry Manilow classic, “I Am Your Child,”  which always causes some misty eyes among the audience members. The first grade team is composed of teachers Mary Jean Klatte, Sherry Burns, Amanda Casario, and Hannah Guida. The first grade team is rounded out by paraprofessionals Carmela Roustas, Liz Rifkin, Rita Balsamo, Jen Bove, Diane Mason, and Megan Booth.