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Baker Bears celebrated Random Acts of Kindness week with a host of fun activities which highlighted kind behavior. Each day had a different themed activity. On  ”Make a Friend” Monday  children were to say “Hello”, share a smile,  and wear crazy socks.  On “Work Together” Tuesday, children were encouraged to let another go first in line and wear their shirt backwards. For “Kind Word” Wednesday, children were to lend a helping hand to someone and wear Crazy Hair. The hair-dos were VERY creative that day and the staff got into it as well! For “Thoughtful” Thursday, children were to say “thank you” at least three times  and wear their PJs. The week ended with  ”Baker Family” Friday when students and teachers showed their Baker School Spirit by wearing Baker shirts. The children loved the activities and learned some very important skills for getting along with others.  The week was supervised by Baker’s counselor Mrs. Leila Krastek.


Baker bears capped off their Random Acts of Kindness week activities with classroom valentine parties. Parents came in with healthy snacks, games, and crafts. Children enjoyed many activities including Valentine Jingo and making valentine cards, bead necklaces, and I Love You banners. Many thanks to our room moms and classroom teachers for these fun parties.

Second Graders Perform Frozen

On January 30th, Mrs. Wood’s second grade class at Mary Roberts put on a presentation of the story Frozen. The children spent several months learning their lines, making their costumes, and creating the props and scenery. Mrs. Ackerman’s first grade class sang several songs from the movie, during the performance. It was performed for the parents in the morning and for the school that afternoon.

Third Graders Learn the Recorder

The 3rd graders at Mary Robert’s started working on recorder.  This is a pre-band wind instrument, and through recorder study we reinforce all the concepts that the children have studied through their years at Roberts School.  The recorder program helps the students to become independent musicians, and as they finish out their final year at Roberts, their recorders will be a memento of their music study.