MHS – Educator Accepted to NEH History and Culture Workshop

Moorestown High School World Languages teacher, Mrs. Valerie Oswald-Love, has been accepted to participate in an important National Endowment for the Humanities’ Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshop. The seven-day workshop, Native American and African-American Educational Experiences in Kansas, 1830-1960, provides participating educators in-depth opportunities to “…visit historic sites, view works of art, and examine primary sources to better understand the history of racial discrimination in American education.” The workshop “… will be guided by a diverse and engaging group of expert scholars, artists, and community leaders and activists.” Mrs. Oswald-Love will travel to Lawrence, KS in July to participate in this historical and cultural experience. She has previously participated in the NEH workshops Spanish and Mexican Influences on California in Los Angeles, CA (2011) and The Most Southern Place on Earth in Cleveland, MS (2015).