Monthly Archives: October 2019

Looking for Leaves in 2nd Grade

At Mary E. Roberts, Mrs. Furman’s 2nd graders are learning about the similarities and differences between kinds of plants in science.  The class went outside searching for two leaves that look exactly alike. The students were asked to be creative and design two exact objects/animals using those leaves.



Twin Dogs in 2nd Grade

Mrs. Furman’s 2nd-grade class is working hard learning multiple meaning words. Our class read a story called Dogs. Each child selected a word that was spelled the same but had a different meaning (Example: Duck and Duck) to create a twin dogs project.


Fire Prevention at Roberts

Mrs. Furman’s class learned about fire prevention during Fire Prevention Week. Students read books to help them understand how to be safe in a fire. They also learned how to prevent a fire. Each student was asked to create a Fire Escape Plan with their family at home.


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