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Thank you wreaths

Mrs. Furman’s second grade class is reading stories about December being a time for giving. The students have made holiday/winter wreath to give to their parents. Each ribbon stands for a “thank you” for the MANY things they have done for them this year. Many of the wreaths have over 100 tied ribbons on them! That is A LOT of thank yous!!


Thanksgiving at Roberts

At Roberts’, Mrs. Furman’s second grade class learned a lot about Thanksgiving. They created a turkey by listening to step-by-step directions. The students were asked to think about what THEY were thankful for this Thanksgiving. They wrote all about their ideas and shared them with the class.

Furman 6 Furman 6b

Baker Halloween

The second grade team at Baker School showed their Halloween spirit by dressing as the Wolf and the Three Little Pigs. Scott Rowan was the wolf and Claudia Castelli, Sara Bottinelli, and Julie Seiler were the pigs.


Halloween Fun

Baker Kindergarten paraprofessionals showed their Halloween spirit by dressing up as favorite book character Pete the Cat. Pictured are Rita Reilly, Jen Anderson, and Colleen Mc Grath.


Pumpkin Math Activities

Students in Mrs. Furman’s second grade class competed hands-on pumpkin math activities. The students were asked to work in two groups to predict, count, weigh, compare by subtracting, make groups of ten, solve math word problems and measure pumpkins. We even learned that a 250 pound pumpkin will FLOAT!

Furman Pumpkins


Robert’s Garden

The garden at Mary E. Roberts’ Elementary has been in full-bloom this year! This year’s garden was bursting at the seams with tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, onions, mustard spinach, lettuce, pumpkins, sunflowers, and more! During their peak, pumpkins and sunflowers adorned the main office and teachers’ lounge. The Roberts’ Garden has provided staff with full bellies, along with a total of 14 donations to the local food bank! Roberts Elementary is not just Building Warm Hearts and Minds, but serving them too!

Garden 1b Garden 2 Garden 2b

Candy for the Troops

Mrs. Furman’s class wanted to thank the US troops by donating 14 bags of candy to them. We hope they like it!

Furman Candy

Fire Prevention

At Mary Roberts’ Elementary School, Mrs. Furman’s class learned about fire prevention during Fire Prevention Week. Students read books to help them understand how to be safe in a fire. They also learned how to prevent a fire. Each student was asked to create a Fire Escape Plan with their family at home.

Furman 5

Pumpkin Book Reports

At Robert’s School Mrs. Asztalos and Mrs. Furman’s second grade classes created pumpkin book reports. Each student was asked to select their favorite book. Next, the students had to discuss their characters in their story. They each picked one character and created the character on a small pumpkin. Last, the students filled out the book report form that asked them to describe their character and also give their opinion of their book character.

It was AMAZING how proud the students were when they presented their pumpkin reports to their classmates. The pumpkins are displayed around the school.

Furman 4

How Bees Pollinate

At Roberts, the 2nd graders in Mrs. Furman’s class learned about how bees are important in helping plants become pollinated. The students were put into group and given many different items to create their own hand pollinator. Each group had to use sand (pollen) to test their model. They were all a SUCCESS!

Furman 3